Circle VHA CEO John Hannigan presents at CMG ‘Public and Private Sector Housing Conference’

As Ireland moves further into the debacle of social housing, our clients at Circle VHA have been at its frontier in their efforts to better the current industry issues. Circle CEO, John Hannigan, took a unique stance at last week’s CMG’s Public and Private Housing Sector conference where he spoke from an ABH perspective on making cost rental and affordable housing work better in Ireland and the challenges that stand in the way of getting things done.

At the conference, John discusses Ireland’s obsession with, and culture of home ownership, which is the driving factor for the increase of prices in housing in Ireland. John gave some excellent insights into the impact of ‘the birds’ and why we should be welcoming them as part of the solution by offsetting the risks and by being strategic in using these funds to deliver substantial returns.

“What we need is a balanced approach, with many facets to supply, and a change in culture. We need homes that enable those who want to own – to own, those who want to rent – to rent and for those who cannot afford either, to have the support to live where they want to live”

John’s presentation also touched on the government’s new ‘Housing for All’ plan, the requirement to expand the remit of AHB’s and Housing Trusts and the need to enable LDA’s to become strategic enablers in the process of providing and managing homes for those in housing need.

You can listen back to John’s presentation here: Circle Voluntary Housing Association: Posts | LinkedIn

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